Violin Instruments

Do you want a musical instrument that is easier to play before you take it out of the case?

Give your student a head start when learning to play a stringed musical instrument; be sure to get them one that is properly adjusted. Starting out can be frustrating for any string player, but especially so for a beginner playing a musical instrument that is not properly set up. Each musical instrument in Petr’s Violin Shop is carefully adjusted to meet exacting standards before it is rented or sold. This is necessary because wood often shrinks or swells with changes in temperature or humidity. Because Alaska has a dry winter climate, each wooden musical instrument needs to be adjusted to play well in our environment.

Our Instruments

Here at Petr’s Violin Shop, we specialize in the sale of fine acoustic stringed musical instruments in Anchorage. We mainly offer high end, handmade acoustic musical instruments, and cater to the discerning musician in search of exceptional tone, craftsmanship, and playability. Find your next violin, bass or guitar here!

Our inventory is new, unless otherwise stated. If you’re looking for a rare or difficult to find model that may not be in our current inventory or desire a customized model, please contact us for assistance.

For more information on our current inventory or on properly selecting the best possible musical instrument, please call at (907) 277-9115 or email

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