Violin Services

Petr’s Violins Shop offers the following services:

  • Musical Instrument Sales
    Here at Petr’s Violin Shop, we specialize in the sale of fine acoustic stringed musical instruments. Offering mainly, high end, handmade acoustic musical instruments, we cater to the discerning musician in search of exceptional tone, craftsmanship, and playability.All of our inventory is new, unless otherwise stated. Of course, if you are looking for a rare or difficult to find model that may not currently be in our inventory or desire a customized model, please feel free to contact us!
  • Restoration and Repair
    We have a fully equipped workshop in which we can perform the most exacting restorations. Musical instruments are painstakingly taken apart in order to reinforce damaged areas, or replace damaged pieces. The utmost care is taken to reassemble, and gently touch-in the varnish to blend with the original finish. It’s not unusual for a damaged musical instrument to actually sound better than ever after a careful restoration! It gives us the opportunity to secure blocks, linings, and other items that might well loosen over decades of playing.
  • Instrument Rentals
    More coming soon.

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