Guitar Services

Service makes a big difference, especially when it comes to guitar stores.

In general, many music stores sell guitars in an “out of the box” condition. The problems resulting from the lack of pre-sale service can be numerous, including:

  • Neck bent upwards: The guitar has high action (distance between strings and frets) and is hard to play.
  • Neck bent downwards: Causes buzzing or dead frets.
  • Nut grooves too high: Painful to play the strings at the beginning of the neck.
  • Bridge too high: Difficult playability in the middle of the neck.
  • Vibrato Bridge misadjusted: The guitar does not stay in tune, regardless of the vibrato system being used or not.
  • Volume of the pickups out of balance.
  • Intermittence, Hum, Static or Scratchy Noises.
  • Sharp fret edges: Can cut your hand.
  • Unleveled frets: Cause a string buzz or dead frets.

Do not worry! We are not an average music store. We correct the above conditions at no cost to our customers. We stand behind our equipment. Every one of our instruments undergoes this important setup before it is placed on display.

There are 3 different services a music store could offer:

  1. FREE “good will” service performed on guitars before the sale – This greatly improves playability and functionality of any string instrument.
  2. Warranty service on premises for the brand of instruments carried
  3. General Non-Warranty service for any brand of equipment

We offer all three services listed above!


Read about our unique customization options.

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