Warranty Service & Repairs

Warranty Service – on the premises

We know that to ship anything to or from Anchorage, Alaska is very expensive. As a Fender authorized warranty repair center, our customers don’t have to bother with shipping at all. We can handle your warranty repairs locally.

We provide Fender factory warranty service on the premises for all Fender equipment we sell.

5 Year Fender Factory Warranty on Amplifiers and P.A. Systems*.

Compare this to the other brands’ warranty and you will see that the most of them have a typical one year non-transferable warranty and in most cases you will have to package the equipment, send it to their warranty center and bear the cost of shipping. This procedure also increases time the equipment is out of service.

In addition to the five times longer warranty, Fender Warranty is even transferable to the second owner. This makes Fender amplifiers highly re-sellable. You would be selling your amp covered with a Warranty!

Fender guitars and basses carry different time coverage** than Fender amplifiers and P.A. Systems.  The other advantages of the local service do apply. The hassle with packaging, cost of shipping and the extra waiting time is eliminated.

Key Benefits of an in house warranty service

  • No cost to you
  • Faster return
  • No packaging
  • No need to take your equipment to a shipping facility

One can clearly see that it pays off to purchase from a local dealer which provides a Factory Warranty Service on their premises.

General Non-Warranty service

Even though we pride ourselves on carrying only a single brand of equipment, we are happy to service your equipment regardless of brand.

The Anchorage Guitar Central specializes in all previously described setups and adjustments.

Other Services we offer (for any brands of instruments):

  • Electronic repairs of solid body guitars
  • Custom design of pickup switching logic
  • Volume and tone controls function design and rewiring
  • Pickup replacement and installation

All the above setups, adjustments and services are provided by Mike who specializes in them over 30 years!

With the help of two other adjacent music stores you can also get these services at the same location:

  • Amplifier and P.A. System repair
  • Electronic keyboard repair
  • Wood related repairs
  • Paint (finish) related repairs

“Quality and Service – all at the same location!”

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