Bucci Bow Pricing

Student – Fantastic entry level carbon fiber bow with ebony frog, chic winding.

Model Instrument Retail
NC100 Violin $99.00
CC100 Cello $149.00


Standard – Carbon fiber stick, ebony frog, silver plated winding.

Model Instrument Retail
NC200 Violin $199.00
AC200 Viola $209.00
CC200 Cello $249.00
BC200F Bass, French $449.00
BC200G Bass, german $449.00


Intermediate – Top choice carbon
fiber stick, better ebony frog,contemporary winding.

Model Instrument Retail
NC300 Violin $379.00
AC300 Viola $399.00
CC300 Cello $449.00


Professional – Hand painted carbon
fiber stick with silver winding, ebony frog.

Model Instrument Retail
NC400 Violin $999.00
AC400 Viola $1,099.00
CC400 Cello $1,299.00


Custom Pro- Hand painted highest
quality carbon fiber stick with faux tortise shell frog.

Model Instrument Retail
NC500 Violin $1,099.00
AC500 Viola $1,199.00
CC500 Cello $1,399.00


7K Gold Mounted – ebony frog,
7k gold winding, permanbuco stick.

Model Instrument Retail
NP607 Violin $1,099.00
AP607 Viola $1,299.00
CP607 Cello $1,399.00


14K Gold Mounted – faux tortise
shell frog, 14k gold winding, permanbuco stick

Model Instrument Retail
NP614 Violin $1,599.00
AP614 Viola $1,699.00
CP614 Cello $1,899.00

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